Quick Guide To The Expedition :


Are you yearning to make the kind of beautifully expressive, deeply original art you admire but can’t seem to make that magic happen?

Everyone says art-making is all about showing up and going through the motions, but deep down you wonder if there is more  you can do to create your dream work.

Want to join me to find out what it is?

A Hidden Path to Inspiration

Imagine feeling so alive that your creative cup is overflowing for the first time in a very long while. You’re excited to be in the studio, fingers flying to catch up with your ideas, creating passionately and consistently.

Instead of feeling shy about your art every time you’re on Instagram or Pinterest, you’re confident and excited about your own ideas and unique way of creating.

And if you ever find yourself stuck it’s less about overcoming weariness, fear or resistance and more about this:

You see, showing up everyday and going through the motions isn’t enough to create great work. We can’t dream up inspiration out of thin air.

So pause and consider what it could mean if your life made your art wonderfully inevitable.

And then close your eyes and imagine this:

What if you found a secret door to a magical creative life that allows the art to find you?

What if exploring it reveals exactly what you need to do to get in creative flow, no matter what dimmed the fire?

How would it feel if you knew, without a doubt, that you could visit it anytime you feel blocked or out of love with your art, over and over again, for the rest of your life??

How would this change your creative process and the way you work towards your artistic dreams?

Imagine, you’d no longer be shackled to creative happenstance! You can work from a place of inspiration whenever you want, wherever you want, on your own terms. And you never have to lose this place, for as long as you live and create.

Even if you get stuck or when life interferes, you feel safe walking away knowing that all the inspiration and excitement would be waiting when you return.

wtl-quote-open Amy and Walk the Labyrinth has captured my concerns and needs as an artist better than we could have done ourselves. And what does anyone want more than being seen and understood?

The individual attention and mentorship was so personal and insightful! I know it will help me tremendously, in more ways than creating art and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating this! Most online courses/workshops, however good, don’t offer this closeness. This is such a beautiful offering. The content is magical, and so is the detailed art in our materials. Wow! Please, feel the difference of intention and energy when I say these simple words: Thank you! wtl-quote-close

-Valerie Marsh, Life & Creativity Coach, ‘Walk The Labyrinth’ alumnae.

Amy’s Story

I became convinced I wasn’t really an artist because I had nothing important or interesting to say. I didn’t realize that the artist life is consciously cultivated, that in order to take a stand with my art, I had to first live that life.

It took me years to realize that what I seek out and surround myself with, shaped the lens I viewed the world through, the very lens I make art with.

I created the Labyrinth of Enchantment because I was bursting inside to make richer, more evocative work. And to do that I knew I had to deepen not only what I know of myself, but how I was nourishing my artist’s soul on a daily basis.

Discovering how to Walk the Labyrinth cracked open my world and forever changed my relationship with my creativity ; it answered questions I’ve been pondering forever and I want that for you :

What makes you come alive?

wtl-quote-open When I signed up, I was hoping mainly to get out of my creative rut and be inspired. I can honestly say that I am blown away by what your course has done for me!

Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin in terms of my gratitude for the lovely soul who is Amy Won! I’ve taken a number of online courses, but none compare to Walk the Labyrinth. I have rediscovered my favorite materials to play with, dug more deeply into what my heart really wants to create right now, found a group of kindred spirits, and have felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for the next gorgeous, thought-provoking, and enchanted videos and workbooks to arrive! You are a natural teacher, and your passion for us to discover, learn, create AND have a wonderful template to use for the rest of our lives = priceless. wtl-quote-close

-Carroll Piper, Artist & Floral Designer, ‘Walk The Labyrinth’ alumnae

The Benefits

By ‘Walking the Labyrinth’ in a deeper way during the Expedition, you’ll be actively unearthing wonderful ways to work on your art every single day, even when you’re not in the studio, especially when you’re not in the studio.

You’ll practice trusting your own creative rhythm, how to create even when you’re stuck, and what you can do to maintain focus on a project without getting bored.

It’s not an e-course to take and forget, ‘Walking the Labyrinth’ is about the real work that goes on behind art-making-a lifelong practice of finding yourself over and over.

Each time you Walk the Labyrinth you’ll emerge with a stronger sense of self, radiant with conviction and confidence in your own ideas and processes. You’ll never be tempted again to make art that’s not true to you.


Through guided activities and Adventure emails, you’ll craft your own unique way of keeping your artist’s soul sacred, to guard what to let in and what to keep out.

And if your world is feeling a little narrow, ‘Walk the Labyrinth : The Expedition’ opens you up to the intertwining strolls of your fellow Explorers through Gatherings and Adventure Shares, giving you the excitement and courage needed to leave the safety of your studio (and screens) and explore the real world, where true inspiration lies.

But most importantly, you’ll create beautiful, lasting practices that allow you to go deep with the ideas you already have, so that they bloom into transcendent, inspiring work that can only come from you.

“We can’t find inspiration in a void. We must be actively looking, receiving, studying, copying, trying, putting on other coats. Keep making. It’s not that we only find ourselves once and never do it again. We do it over and over.”

-Rebecca Guay, Fine Artist & Magic The Gathering Illustrator

What Your Journey Includes

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Lifelong Portal into the Labyrinth of Enchantment™

Play in the Labyrinth anytime.
Expedition Explorers can access hidden Labyrinth passageways and treasures (including all new goodies to come) over and over again (as long as it exists).

  • wtl-feature1

    Gatherings for Creative Kinship & Mentoring

    12 Weeks of Video Gatherings + Workshops themed around the Activity Books, with me & fellow explorers-enough time for lots of personalized attention on unstucking, finishing a Heart Project or re-discovering your truest creative self.

  • wtl-feature5

    Adventure Check-Ins for Gentle Structure & Support

    16 Weeks of Facebook Check-ins + Ask-Me-Anything Q&A in a circle of kindred explorer spirits to share and refine your creative journey, get encouragement and exchange discoveries.

  • WTL-feature6-1

    Adventure Weeks &
    An Intimate Peek

    6 weeks of intimate Adventure Week Emails on my Big Audacious Art Project
    Learn from and be a part of my raw and real Labyrinth-Walking in practice-all the epiphanies, challenges and mistakes of realizing my latest creative vision, shared nowhere else.

  • WTL-feature2-2

    Story Videos for
    Contemplation & Inspiration

    Immersive Story Videos (9 so far) walking you through the metaphorical Labyrinth world for creative contemplation and idea-sparking. (The Story Video library is ever-growing! )

  • WTL-feature3-2

    Activity Workshops for Playing & Exploring

    18 (and growing) beautifully-detailed full-color Activity Books with Audio Guides + Explorer Tools filled with wonder-seeking prompts and fun ideas designed to help you customize your own creative journey.

  • WTL-feature4-1

    The Magically Expanding Library of Wonders

    Access to my growing treasure trove of inspirations, resources and tools I spent years collecting-from art to literature to the sciences, shared nowhere else, to help expand your world.

Are you ready to adventure?

The Ship of Adventures has sailed for 2017.
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There are 8 Lessons Weeks spread out over 16 weeks, with Adventure Weeks in between for exploring and contemplation.

A Tentative Schedule of Adventures

A New Moon Embarking Ritual
Sunday 26th February 2017

Part I of The Expedition
27th February to 26th March 2017

Part II of The Expedition
27th March to 14th May 2017

Part III of The Expedition
15th May to 23rd June (New Moon) 2017(


Before any expedition, know where to return to if you’re ever lost.

Lesson Week 1: Dialing Into Your Heart Compass

Establish your home-heart base by getting reacquainted with who you are, what matters to you and where you’d like to go, so you can easily stay anchored and shut out a noisy world.

Lesson Week 2: Creating Your Explorer’s Companion

Create your very own Explorer’s Companion to guide you on your Walk. This will unlock unexpected, wonderful ways to feed your artist soul and yield deeper, richer experiences.

Length of Journey : 4 Weeks + 1 Embarking Ritual Week


The Happy Wanderer. Roaming yet stable. Rooted yet free.

Lesson Weeks 3-5: Exploring the 4 Realms

You’re ready to step out into the world! During these weeks we’ll weave through the 4 Realms of the Labyrinth of Enchantment together and I’ll show you how each realm affects your creative expression.

Length of Journey : 6 Weeks


“Inspiration exists, but it must find you creating.”-Picasso.

Lesson Week 6: Finding Rhythm & Creating Practice

You’re back from your Walk bursting with ideas and renewed creative vigor. None of this matters if you’re not creating consistently. We’ll explore ways to do this in a way that respects the creative soul’s need for both intuition and idea, structure and spontaneous play.

Length of Journey : 2 Weeks

Bonus Bridge Month : Preparing For Your Solo Journey

Bonus Lesson Weeks 7 & 8:

You’re almost ready to set out on your own! This is a bonus month of implementation, support and special workshops to help you set sail on your own!

Length of Journey : 4 Weeks

At the end of this 16-week wonder-filled adventure, you’ll find that you’ve:

๑ Re-discovered your childlike sense of wonder and play.
๑ Unlocked a lifelong method of finding inspiration and staying creatively excited so you’ll always know how to make every moment count, even creative blocks.
๑ Unearthed hidden truths about yourself, along with a clear and concrete plan for your next creative project that you feel truly excited about.
๑ Armed yourself with a substantial toolkit for navigating yourself out of your creative challenges.
๑ Emerged from a creative adventure with insights you might otherwise miss, from a mentor and fellow artist who’ve been through what you’re going through.
๑ Made new friends and perhaps even found creative kindred spirits to share your artistic journey with, making you feel a lot less lonely and isolated.

wtl-quote-open I’m rather excited that my childlike joy is coming to the surface in a noticeable way!

Reconnecting with the inner child is an incredibly powerful thing! Thank you for creating this space for us. This journey has been utterly magical so far, and your creativity and generosity of spirit is an inspiration. I’m also grateful for all of you women in the group. Thank you for sharing openly and being vulnerable about your creative process. wtl-quote-close

-Jennifer Merrill, Stationery & Brand Designer, ‘Walk The Labyrinth’ Alumnae

Permission To Explore

Who should Walk the Labyrinth?

Writers. Painters. Makers. Designers. Illustrators. Photographers.
Architects. Life Coaches. Spirit Workers. Creative Souls.

You’re a creative with a strong sense of self, but you’ve lost some of your early magic, it’s become too routine and predictable. You want to re-invigorate your artist soul, replenish your inner reservoir and get fresh inspiration.

You’re a creative but you don’t yet feel a strong sense of self, so your creative practice is open-ended and your work scattered and lacks cohesion. You want to push your artistic expression but you’re not sure how to get there.

You’re a creative spirit who wants to learn how to nurture your artist soul in a more mindful, heart-centered way.

Expedition Cost

The Ship of Adventures has sailed for 2017. Enter your email below to receive an Invitation when the Expedition happens again:

wtl-quote-open To anyone who is on a creative journey this course is like no other.”

It will open you up and shine a torch on your artistic soul. I loved it and am still loving it. Amy, you’re a gift from above. Thank you. wtl-quote-close

-Claudia Mazzotta, Jewelry Designer & Metalsmith, ‘Walk The Labyrinth’ Alumnae


๑ WTL is not just an e-course that you buy and don’t complete. It’s an immersive, magical, exploratory journey of creative self-discovery that is more guided life adventure than online course. It feels like an extension of everyday living and if you allow yourself to actively explore, you will change.

๑ WTL is not a workshop about emulating an artist’s technique, instead you’ll learn critical thinking skills and build practices that improve your creativity and originality-how to think, see, feel, explore, and how to access and shape your own creative truth so that you can design a practice that balances mind and heart, intuition with idea, structure with spontaneity.

๑It’s not a follow-me program, instead you’ll learn to be intentional and contemplative in your own creating-the catalyst to original thought.

๑ WTL is part mastermind and mentorship with plenty of personal attention. You won’t feel like you’re cast adrift without assistance, I’m very accessible.

๑ The main vehicle of teaching creativity in WTL is through story and enchantment, exploring and deep inquiry. So expect beautiful short films, evocative imagery and inspiring activity books to dive in and contemplate on-I’ve been told they’re like unwrapping Christmas gifts to your artist’s soul!

๑ The WTL Expedition not only provides the structure but also adventure guidance and fellowship for your creative explorations, giving you the courage and support you need to step outside your comfort zones and take your craft to the next level. I’ve been told it makes a huge difference to on-going action-taking!

๑ And something you won’t get anywhere else: it’s a unique chance to be a part of the real-life creative process of a working artist (me!) and witness my latest Big Audacious Creative Project unfold through my own adventures along with you. Ask me any questions about my process and learn from my epiphanies and mistakes in real time!

๑ There is no goal to meet at the end except enthrallment so it’s not another burden to add to your daily responsibilities. Instead it’s pure soul nourishment, a chance in your creative day to just have fun and indulge your artist’s soul. Your very own secret Permission To Explore. If you have time for self-care, you have time for this.

๑ The activities and lessons are designed in a way that feels like entertainment and encourages continued engagement. I’ve been told by quite a few students that this is the first intensive program they’ve stayed excited and worked on all the way to the end!

If you see yourself in these, WTL might just be exactly what you need right now:
๑You tend to work yourself to the ground without making time for recharge/replenishing.
๑You’re spending a lot of time comparing yourself to other artists and coming up short.
๑You’re feeling a little boxed in with how you’re getting inspiration-usually online, and you’re tired of all the Pinterest recycling going on.
๑You’re feeling depleted, in a creative rut or transitioning between creative careers and you’re looking to expand your world and get some of your excitement and playfulness back.
๑You feel scattered around your art-making and would like some structure and focus that’s based on your own truths.
๑You feel like everything you’re creating is for others and you’d like to be able to create just for you.

However, WTL is not for everyone. It’s probably not for you if
๑…you’re not open to contemplating deeply about your art and your creative process.
๑…you aren’t able to or ready to commit your time to your art and to nourishing your creative spirit for at least 3 months.
๑…you don’t believe that your creativity is something that you can work on.
๑…you don’t like exploring or trying new things.
๑…you’re not willing to step outside your comfort zone.
๑…you’re not willing to be vulnerable and share your creative journey with other artists.

Most importantly, what is your heart whispering?

๑ If you consider that most e-courses last between 4-6 weeks, the cost of WTL is very affordable as it’s a 4 month program with a monthly payment option over the duration of the Expedition.

๑ The work you do in WTL could improve the quality of your life beyond just the studio and I’ve been told that’s worth much more than the initial price.

๑ Infusing more excitement and focus into your creative life through WTL could very well help you finish blocked projects, discover a new Heart (personal) Project and improve your current paid work-always a good thing for bettering your livelihood!

๑ The tools and creative skills for unstucking and getting re-inspired can have a lifelong value to your creative productivity. Additionally, you’ll always have access to the materials to go over at your own pace as long as I’m still running it. (Anything you’ve downloaded are yours to keep, of course.)

๑ 12 weeks of intimate video gatherings with me and your fellow explorers as well as the weekly FB sessions means there will be lots of personal attention and guidance from me-the combined hours will be many times more expensive if we were collaborating 1-1 (which isn’t always available).

Even if you’re not a traditional or working artist (see more on this here) something in WTL is calling out to you- after all, you’ve made it this far in the Invite! I strongly believe that deep down inside, your creative spirit is looking for a way to express itself. If this feels true, WTL will be a wonderful way to awaken more creativity in your everyday life, and who better to learn this from than working artists who depend on it?

Through the activities, gatherings and adventure prompts you’ll have many opportunities to explore what inspires you that you can weave into your everyday creativity. You might even discover that you’re more of an artist than you thought!

WTL is a personal journey of creative self-discovery and while there may be others who are further ahead in their creative voyage, I’ve worked hard to put together an experience that helps you polish and bring to light your true creative gifts. If anything, you’ll likely find much encouragement and cheer-leading from your fellow Explorers for being uniquely you, making it more exciting to dive deeper into your natural strengths.

Also, unlike technique-style programs, WTL is all about crafting your own path to making inspired art so heart is all you really need to get started.

WTL is a methodology for going deeper into your creative process and finding flow. So if you’re stuck in translating ideas to tangible expressions, the Labyrinth (and our Expedition) will help you identify where the disconnect is and explore ways to fill in the blanks.

With weekly video gatherings and Q & A sessions , there’s lots of opportunities for me (and your fellow explorers) to help you brainstorm creative solutions and perhaps even discover a delightful path you hadn’t thought of before.

Is it time to finally feel more creatively alive?
Come Walk the Labyrinth with me.

The Ship of Adventures has sailed for 2017.
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Quick Guide To The Expedition :


Dedicated To

My Mom, my first and best creative mentor,
My Dad, for always believing that the world is my creative oyster,
My Husband, my Always and Forever Adventure Guide,
My Brothers, for all the much-needed tech support.

Friends, loved ones and kindred spirits, for all your enthusiasm and encouragement.